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Thank you!

We would like to thank all the many precious contributions, interactions and encounters that made the REvaluation Conference so fruitful in 2022. Stay tuned for the next volume of REvaluation Conferences, most likely in 2024!


New programme shaping up!

We ware delighted to present a programme, that contains over 60 presentations in more than 20 sessions. Also, we were able to inspire several panels in the topical fields of #Anticipation, #Transformation and #Resilience and we invite you to celebrate the 25-year-anniversary of the Austrian Platform for Research and Technology Policy Evaluation.


Conference postponed

The unpredictable situation forced us to decide a change in date: the REvaluation Conference will take place 5-6 May 2022. Thank you all for your contributions to the shaping of this conference! Apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you cannot cancel your travel at that short notice, we are happy to arrange a small gathering. …