Susana Borrás is Professor at the Department of Organization at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark. She holds a Masters Degree (UAB, Barcelona) and PhD Degree (EUI, Florence) in political science and sociology. She conducts research on the interaction between governance and innovation. As a social scientist, her leading questions are: what can governments do to foster socio-technical innovation?, and how research and innovation policy can be designed to more problem-solving in order to address grand challenges? Governmental action is always embedded in a governance and organizational context ; for that reason questions about what drives socio-technical systems’ change towards sustainable solutions, what are the forms of social legitimacy and learning processes of socio-technical transformations, and what is the organizational capacity for socio-technical transformations, are of her primary interest.

Over the last two decades Susana Borrás has advised governments and institutions at international and national levels on matters of research, technology and innovation policy. Among other, she is currently member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV) (actively engaged in ATV’s Science and Engineering project), and member of the executive committee of EU-SPRI Forum (for studies of research and innovation policy).

She is currently in the advisory board of seven international peer reviewed scientific journals. She teaches at all levels of university education (from 1rst year university students to PhD students), and is actively engaged at various study programs at CBS.